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Our pasture-fed beef is raised the way nature intended with grass & whole grains.  Every tender cut is ALL NATURAL, ANTIBIOTIC & HORMONE FREE, and LOCALLY RAISED.  Cutting-edge testing lets us predict tenderness, flavor, marbling and temperament in all our beef.  Our meat is dry-aged at least 21 days to ensure exquisite flavor & tenderness in every bite.  We eliminate the guesswork, so you can be confident that every cut from PCR Beef is savory & delicious!

Our Story


Pleasant Creek Ranch is family owned, operated--and oriented! Our ranch is nestled in the beautiful valley of Sanpete County and has been in the family for five generations.  We have been raising beef cattle for decades and have perfected our herd to meet the needs and tastes of any discerning palate.  Ranching is in our blood and it's a commitment and a passion we intend to pass on to the next generation.


Pleasant Creek Ranch (PCR) delivers natural, gourmet beef that transforms your meal into a culinary experience.  We provide superior quality & exquisite flavor in every cut, every time--guaranteed.


We've never lost a taste-test yet!

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"Pleasant Creek Ranch raises the highest quality, all natural Wagyu beef.  It is a pleasure, privilege and an honor to partner with them and to prepare, serve and enjoy their delicious beef.”  -Kevin M. Donovan, Executive Chef, Promontory Ranch Club

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